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document What are your Rates?
The Rate is based on what kind of Ad you run. You can place either a commission or a prepaid ad. Our commission ad is on a pay when you sell basis and the commission due to us is either 10% of the asking price, unless it's above $800 then it's a flat fee of $80 when you sell. We also have prepaid...
24 Dec, 2014
document I am trying to sell my much will I owe if I sell it on a commission basis?
The commission fee is 10% of the listed price, with a maximum fee of $80.00 when you sell your item.  If you are selling an item that is listed with us for $50 - $799 the commission will be 10% of the listed price. Anything selling for $800 or more is a flat fee of $80.00....
24 Dec, 2014