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I am trying to sell my much will I owe if I sell it on a commission basis?

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Last updated: 24 Dec, 2014
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The commission fee is 10% of the listed price, with a maximum fee of $80.00 when you sell your item.  If you are selling an item that is listed with us for $50 - $799 the commission will be 10% of the listed price. Anything selling for $800 or more is a flat fee of $80.00. You will never pay more than an $80.00 fee for a commission ad. A few examples of the commission fees are as follows. If you list and sell your item for $50, the commission due would be $5.00. If you list your item for $500, the commission due to us would be $50. If you list your item for $35,000, the commission due to us would be $80. Please keep in mind that there are stipulations that go along with our commission ads. They are as follows:

All commission ads are considered exclusive with the Want Ad Digest, Inc. while in print or on our website and will run a minimum of 4 weeks. Commission ads run in 4 week increments. If the item does not sell within the first 4 week period, it can be renewed in 4 week increments. To place an ad based on commission the item must be listed with a price of at least $50 with 20 words maximum. There will be 1 photo in the printed edition and up to 4 photos online for the first 2 weeks.  Renewals will be text only in print and up to 4 photos on our website. The commission is due when you sell your item.

Commission will be due in result of the following, while advertised on our website or in print, if you make the item unavailable for sale for any reason, including but not limited to:

· Sell item to another party or by another means
· Change your mind about selling
· Cancel early
· Give away or junk it
· Trade
· Accept a deposit
· Move without notifying us
· Have your phone disconnected
· For any reason we cannot contact you during the renewal period of your item

You must be 18 years of age to place a commission ad. Automobile Dealers and Business Display Ads can not be placed on Commission. All business ads must be pre paid.

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