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Classified Scam Alert!

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Last updated: 01 Nov, 2013
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Classified Scam Alert!

Want Ad Digest Classified Fraud Information Center

Fake Cashier Checks, Money Orders and Western Union Overseas Sellers Scams are serious. Don't be a victim!

Rule 1# - If it sounds to good to be true... It is!


1. Don't believe anybody who tells you they will pay you more than your asking price!

Scam artists prey on their victims by making offers that sellers can't refuse. They offer to purchase items at a price well over what the seller is asking. A fake money order or fake cashier's check that may look like it is being drawn from a reputable company. These checks are not legit! The buyer will usually asked to refund part of the overpayment.


• Your ATV, Automobile, Boat, Motorcycle etc. is for sale for $3000.

• A buyer wants to have his friend, business partner, or employee send you $6000 because his friend or business partner owes him $3000.

• You are supposed to cash his check for $6000 and then send the remaining $3000 to the buyer, usually by Western Union.

• DO NOT DO THIS! It is a scam. You deposit the check and then send the buyer the extra $3000. The bank will eventually bounce the check or find it to be forgery and you lose your $3000

They don't want what you are selling, just the cash back - the goods are never collected.


Want Ad Digest does not tolerate abuse of our system or any kind of fraudulent or criminal activity. Any user suspected of such will immediately removed from our system. However in common with all other sites of this type we cannot possibly prevent all occurrences.

Your best defence is common sense! If a deal doesn't seem right or something is well below the normal price walk away from it. Here are some suggestions.

• Do meet the buyer/seller and use cash as payment where possible. You can then see exactly what is being sold and get immediate payment. Do not Western Union cash if you cant be sure the seller is legitimate.

• Use an escrow service such as Note that some scammers direct you to untrustworthy escrow sites so only used well known and recognised escrow sites.

• Do NOT pay money direct into someones bank account, Western Union cash or send them a check unless you are prepared to accept the risk that you will never receive whatever you paid for or it doesn't work, is incomplete or is not as described.

US Federal Trade Commission Consumer

In Canada: contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Typical Email Solicitations

Good Day,
I deal with horse as I was just searching by for a used horse.I saw your sale and I am very much interested in it so I will like to know the cost of the horse so as to start the transaction immediately I will also like to know the present condition of the horse and mind you I will be paying by a certified cashier check payable to usa bank. As per the shipping I have a reputable shipper in usa who will come for the pick-up after this transaction. Thank you for your understanding. Your urgent respond is higly needed.ASAP. because i want to sell them lee.

From: "Kojana Smith" <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2003 8:42 PM

i'm Kojana.i am on business affiliate in Africa at present.i'll
like to purchase a dog/puppies with humble & respect from your site.i need your Chihuahua puppies,for my wife as a present for her
35th birthday in the united states next month.i will like you to provide me the price in which you would like to sell it last.We are paying you
by cashier,if you are ready to transact with us,you can kindly
send down the following information:

(1)your full name(as it will appear on the cheque)
(2)your postal address.
(3)your postal code.
(4)your phone number.
(5)your fax number.
i'll like you to send the pics of the products to me.
i'm looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

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